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Bangla song

Bengali(Bengali :Bangla is an eatern Indo-Aryan language .It is native to the region of eastern and south Asia known as Bengal ,Which comprises present day Bangladesh ,the india stat of west Bengal,and part of the Indian states of Tripura and Assam .Bengal is one of the most spoken language in the world . Along with other Eastern Indo -Aryan language ,Bangla evolved around 1000-1200 AD from Magadhi Prakrit ,which developed from a dialect ,but different from ,Vedic which developed from a dialect or group of dialect that were close to,but different from .Vedic and classical Sanskit.It is now the primary language spoken in Bangladesh and is second most commonly spoken language in India .Bangla is now official language in Bangladesh .
List of famous singer from Bangladesh :
1:Runa laila .
Born November 17 ,1952,Home town -sylhet ,Bangladesh .
Runa laila is of the best singer in Bangladesh .She started her career from pakithan film industry .With very  short time she has become legend in bangla music industry .Bangladeshi singer Runa laila all old and best song .Bangla singer Runa laila song
2:Sabina Yasmin .
Born -1953 ,Bangladesh .Sabina Yasmin another legend in Bangla music industry .Sabina Yasmin is renowned in Bangladesh for her patriotic song as well her playback singing in Bangladesh cinema.Bangla singer Sabina Yasmin all best song .Bangladeshi singer Sabina Yasmin all songs.
3:James .
Birth name Mahfuz Anam but known as a james Guru.James is a very popular singer in Bangladesh and India .James has become heart of young people in Bangladesh and India .James all best songs .Bangla singer James lates song .James lates albume song.Bangla song james.
4:Bappa Mazmuder .
Born -1972,Bangladesh ,Bappa Mazuder is  a very popular singer as well as music composer.Bappa Muzumder all best and latest songs.Bappa Muzumder latest album song.
5:Shakila zafar .

Shakila zafar is one of the best singer in Bangladesh .Shakila zafar all best and latest  song here .
6:Habib Wahid .
Born -1979,Habib Wahid is a very popular composer ,Musician ,Music director Bangladesh .Habib wahid is very popular among young Generation in Bangladesh .Habib wahid's latest all songs ,best song ,and latest album .     
7:Haider Hussain .
Haider Hussain is very popular and song writer in Bangladesh .He wrote huge famous song in Bangladesh .Haider  hussain  all   best and latest song.
8:Rezwana  chowdhury.
Rezwana Chowdhury   is a very popular Bangladeshi Rabindrasangeet.She was born in rangpur ,Bangladesh .Rezwana Chowdhury all best song . 
9:Azam khan.
Azam khan was a Bangladeshi rock singer.He  founded a band called uchcharon in the early 1970s.He horned  as Guru of Rock and pop Music in Bangladesh. .Below his one of the best song in his whole career.
God him  give best  place in Paradise.Bangladeshi singer Azam khan all best song .Bangla song by Azam khan.
9:Shuvro Dev.
Shuvro Dev is one of the modern romantic singer in Bangladesh . He is very popular singer in Bangladesh .Shuvro Dev all best song and latest album.Bangla song by Shuvro Dev.Shuvro dev bangla song.
10:Nancy  is  very popular singer in Bangladesh in recent few years .
Nancey one of the best song is Vetor Bole Dure Thaku .
11;Arfin Rumey is one of the young best singer in Bangladesh.Bangladeshi singer Rfin Rumey all best song.Arfin Rumey best  bangla song.
12:Kona latest song .Kona is very popular singer in Bangladesh .Bangladeshi singer kona latest album song.Kona bangla song.
13 Balam  is another Great singer in Bangladesh .Balam is very popular singer among the young people in Bangladesh .Bangla song Balam .Balam all bangla song .
Bangla song is very popular in Bangladesh and kolkata.
Bangla song Mila.Bangladeshi singer Mila .Mila all bangla song..Bangla song Mila..
Bangla song moon ,Bangla song monir khan.Bangla song online.Bangla baul song.
Few latest bangla 2012  eid song .

Baby nazmin is another talented and famous  singer in Bangladesh.She sang huge famous song in Bangladesh .
Listen Bangladeshi Baby nazmin all latest and famous bangla song.
Indain bangla kolkata nachiketa chakraborty is one of the best India bangla singer .He was born in kolkata .
Nachiketa latest few most popular songs.
  • Hawa Badal
  • Ratri Ghanai
  • Bhabana
  • Andher Deshe
  • Khyapa
  • Buro Saloman
  • Abchhaya raate
  • Amar sona
  • Anirban (3)
  • Sahar o Tumi
  • Hasir Gaan
  • Dujan Manush
  • Bojhai Roj Roj
  • Aditya Sen.
Hasan is one of the best brand singer in Bangladesh .
Hasan sung  huge bangla popular song .Hasan all latest song 
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