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Bangladesh local newspaper

Bangladesh Flag
Bangladesh  total area is 147,570kmlometer.This country has been divided  by 64 district .Advantages of technology almost every district has individual news paper .Bangladesh all local newspaper publish their  news from local district .chandpur district is one of the big district in Bangladesh .Chandpur has  few online news website is one most popular online news paper in chandpur district publish latest news and up to date news of chandpur in 24 hours.Chandpurkantho is another online news website.Comilla is another district in bangladesh .This district has proudly owner few top class university,college and government office in Bangladesh such as comilla university ,comilla education board etc.Few local news paper has established in comilla since few years.Daily amardercomilla is one of the leading local news paper in comilla district as well as in Bangladesh .Dailyamardercomilla  publishes 24 hours local news  from comilla .Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh .This city has huge population .Dhaka has been consider as  one of the  mega city in world .People gather in dhaka to seek job ,good  medical treatment ,and many more .Dhaka is more advance in few fields  compare with others district in Bangladesh .As result few number of local news paper  has been established . is  one of popular local news paper in Dhaka . is publisher their news online in 24 hours from Dhaka. Jessor district was established in 1781.This district consists of 4 municipalities ,36 ward ,8 upazila,1434 villages.This district has had long history .Few number of local news

 paper has been establish in jessor. is one of  the most popular new paper in jessore district .  Barisal district is one of the historical district in Bangladesh. publish local barisal news . Barisal news publish their news online in 24 hours.Khulna is the largest  city in Bangladesh . Khulana is one most populated city in Bangladesh .Few top university and collage has been established in khulana.Khulananews  is the most popular  online news paper in khlana  . Few number of local news paper publish from chuadanga . Mathabhanga   is one of the most popular news  paper in chuadanga .
Few number of online news paper publish from bogra . Karatoa is of  leading online news paper in Bogra.  publish 24 hour latest  news from bogra. Chittagong is commerce and industry centre of Bangladesh .Chittagong is the largest port  city in Bangladesh . Chittagong is the second  largest city in  Bangladesh .Due to advantage of economise power a lot local news paper has been established in Chittagong Bangladesh is of the local online news paper in Chittagong . Sylhet is another economise power city in Bangladesh .Huge people of this district are in overseas such Uk and Eu .Few number of online news paper publish from sylhet . is one of the  local sylhet online news website .Ajkerjamalpir is one of the local jamalpir news website publish from is publish from Rajshahi .Priyorajshahi .com is one of the rajshahi local online  news paper.  Few number of news paper publish from is one of local  online news publisher in publish from dinajpur.Dinajpur is a local news paper of dinajpur.
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