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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

emergency number

Every country has emergency  helpline number around the world .if you need any emergency help please contract with them.
1:Afghanistan :If you need any police  help in Afghanistan please dail 119.119 is a police helpe line in Afghanistan.If you need any emgencey Ambulance please dail on 102 from your mobile ,Fire and police help line same.
2:Australia:Australia police emergency number police,Ambulance as well as Fire are 000/112.
3:Argentina :police emergency number 101,Ambulance emgency number 107,Fire -100
4:Andora:Andora  police emergency number 110,Ambulance helpe number118,Fire help line 118.
5:Antigua : Police help line 911,Fire and Ambulance 999.
6:Angola police emergency number 110,Fire help line 118,Ambulance emgercency number 118.
7:American samoa fire emergency number ,police,Ambulance 911.
8:Armenia :Armenia police contract number 102,Ambulance emergency number 103,Fire 101.
9:Aruba :Aruba police emergencey number 911,Fire,911 and Ambulance 911.
10:Bahamas police emergency number 911,Ambulance help line 911, Fire service 911.
11:Bangladesh :Bangladesh police emergency number 999,Fire service emergency number 9 555 555,Ambulance emergency number 199.
12:Belgium police emgency number 112,Ambulance 112,Fire service 112.
13:Bahrain police emergency number 999,Ambulance emergency number 999,Fire 999.
14:Bhutan police emergency number 113,Ambulance number 110,Bhutan Fire emergency number 112.
15:Bermuda police emergency number 911,Ambulance emergency number 911,Fire emergency number 911.
16:Benin police emergency number 117,Benin Fire emergency number 118.
17:Barbados police emergency number 211, Barbados Fire emergency number 311, Barbados Ambulance emergency number 511.
18:Bosnia  police emergency number 112,Bosnia Fire emergency number  105/93,Bosnia Ambulance emergency number 104/124.
19:Brazil police emergency number 190,Brazil Fire emergency number  193 ,Brazil Ambulance emergency number 192.
20:Myanmar police emergency number-
21:British virgin Islands police emergency number 999,British virgin Island Ambulance emergency number 999,British virgin Island  Fire emergency number 999.
22:Bulgaria police emergency number 112,Bulgaria Ambulance emergency number112, Bulgaria  Fire emergency number 112.
23:Brunei police emergency number 993,Brunei Ambulance emergency number 991,Brunei Fire emergency number  995.
24:Burkina Faso police emergency number 17,Burkina Fire emergency number  18.
25:Canada police emergency number 911,Canada Fire emergency number 911,Canada Ambulance emergency number  911.
26:Canary Islands police emergency number  112,Canary Islands Ambulance emergency number 112,Canary Islands Fire emergency number 112.
27:Central African Republic  police emergency number ,Central African Republic Ambulance emergency number .
28:China :China  police emergency number 110,China Ambulance  emergency 999/120,China  Fire emergency number 119.
29:chile police emergency number 133,chile  Ambulance  emergency 131,chile  Fire emergency number 132.
30:Cyprus  police emergency number 112,Cyprus  Ambulance  emergency  112/199,Cyprus  Fire emergency number 112/199.

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