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Friday, 12 October 2012

Facebook tips in bangla

How to open account in facebook.

1: Facebook is one of  most popular social media in the world .Facebook lunched their service since 2004.
 Mark Zuckerberg  is the key player in Facebook .Facebooh has declared more then 1 billion regular user around the world.
2:To open account in facebook you have to complete few step .First type facbook in google  or any search Engine Internet .You see a application form just like  .It's free .

      Put all information about as they  demand.Your first name ,last name ,your e-mail address ,create a password,select your sex status and your birth day  then click  on sing up.
2:They will send a  e-mail verification link as you provide  e-mail address.
3:You have to click on this link  facebook sent to your inbox.Please check your spam folder because sometimes they send e-mail in  your spam .
4:Next upload your photo .
5:Facebook new feature is cover that means you can cover your facebook   profile.
6:Now your facebook is ready to use and enjoy this giant  social innovation.
How  to upload facebook photo in  your album 
You can upload your photo few  ways 
1:Upload your photo using webcame in your laptop or desktop .
2:Upload photo by using computer files .
Privacy policy of facebook.
Facebook  use very strike privacy policy about your personal date .

 1:Your information :Your information is t information that is provide your when you sing up for facebook account  and you choose to share.
2:Registration information :You provide  about your name ,address,e-mail address , sex status and  your date of birth .
3:Information you choose  to share
How to use facebook your information :
Facebook use your information as part of facebook efforts to keep facebook products ,services and integrations safe and secure.
2:To protect Facebook's or other's right or property 
3:To measure or understand the effectiveness of ads you and others see ,including to deliver  relevant ads to you 
4:Facebook provide you with location features and services ,like telling  you and your Friends when something is going on nearby 
5:Facbook use information to make suggestions to you and other users on facebook ,such as : suggesting that another user add  you as a friend because the user imported the same e-mail address as you did .
6:Facebook to measure or understand the effectiveness of ads you and others see,including to deliver relevant ads to you.                                                      

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