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Saturday, 6 October 2012

History of bangla news paper

Bangladeshi flag
Bangladesh National Flag 

Independence  from Pakistan 
Ethnic :Banglai 
Independence Declared :26 March 1971
Official language :Bangla 
Bangladesh largest city :Dhaka 
Bangladesh is one of the largest Muslim country in the world.
Since Independence  of Bangladesh  huge number of news paper  and   satellite television  established in Bangladesh .

Prothom alo.Prothom alo is one of the most popular and power full news paper in Bangladesh .This news paper has established in 1998 .Since his establishment of this news paper has become most popular news paper in Bangladesh .This news paper has lunched their online version  few years ago.Prothom alo published 24 hours  news online .According to world famous Alexa rank prothom alo is the  top online news paper in Bangladesh .Prothom alo bangla news paper Editor Matiur Rahman has brought a news revolution in Bangladesh online news paper.Bd news is the first online  news paper.Since Establishment  this online news paper has become one of most popular news paper in Bangladesh has taken place as a second popular online news paper in Bangladesh Ranked by Alexa web information website .Their rank is2,104.In Bangladesh Alexa  rank is 8. is on of most online news paper in Bangladesh .Since Establishment this online news paper has become third largest online news paper in Bangladesh according to Alexa rank. is another online news paper in Bangladesh .Since Establishment this online news paper is growing up their popularity in Bangladesh .
5:Jugantor .Jugantor is one of the oldest news paper in Bangladesh .Jugantor news paper is of giant news paper in Bangladesh.Jugantor has online version.
5:Amardesh. Amardesh is huge popular news paper in Bangldesh .Amardeshonline and paper both is popular in Bangladesh.This news paper published from Bangladesh .Amardesh editor is Mhamuder rahman.
6:Daily Kalerkantho:Daily Kalerkantho is another populer news paper in Bangladesh.Kalerkantho has published online and paper in Bangladesh .Kalerkantho is part of Busdanra Group in Bangladesh.
7:  Manobzamin.Manobzamin is one of the large news paper in Bangladesh .Manobzamin is one of old news paper in Bangladesh .This news paper published from Bangladesh .
8 Daily inqilab:Daily Inqilab is one of the national news paper in Bangladesh .Daily Inqilab has published since  few years.Since publishing the daily inqilab  news paper in Bangladesh has become one of  the  famous news paper in Bangladesh .daily inqilab has online version.
9 jjdin.    :Jjidin daily news paper has huge number of reader  in Bangladesh .Daily jjidin news paper popularity is growing very quickly in Bangladesh .Jijidin online news version aslo popular in Bangladesh .
10:Amardershomoy. In Bangladesh few daily news paper has become very popular with in very short time   Daily Amardershomoy is one of the bangla news paper .Amardershomoy online version is also very popular news paper in Bangladesh .

11:  Samakal .Daily Samakal bangla news paper is one of the free and fair news paper in Bangladesh .Daily samakal bangla news paper has huge reader in Bangladesh .Samakal online also very popular in Bangladesh .
12: Daily sangram : Since few years daily Sangram bangla news paper has published in Bangladesh .
13:Bangladeshpratidin:Bangladeshpratidin is one of latest news paper publication in Bangladesh .Bangladeshpratidin is growing up their popularity in Bangladesh very quickly .Bangladeshpratidin online news paper also popular in Bangladesh.
14 Dainikdestiny  : Dainikdestiny  is part of Destiny 200Ltd.Dainik destiny has huge number of readers.
15:Anandabazar :Anandabazar  is one of the most popular  news paper in kolkata .Anadabazar is the oldest news paper in kolkata.Anandabazar  online edition is very news paper in Bangladesh and kolkata.
16: Dailynayadiganta:Daily nayadiganta is one of most populer news paper in Bangladesh .Dailynayadinganta has been boost thier populertiy very quickly in Bangladesh .Dailynayadiganta published thier news press and online .Daily nayadinganta onlne and news paper both are populer in Bangladesh .Daily nayadingana pulished news from Dhaka in Bangladesh .
17   The independent: The independendent is one of most populer english news paper in Bangladesh. The  editor of Independent news paper is Mahbul Alam. The Independent news paper is publish their news online and  paper.

18:Noakhaliweb:Noakhaliweb is a online news site.Noakhaliweb is a district online news site.This website publishes their news from  Bangladesh .Noakhaliweb is the first onlin news  regional news site in Bangladesh .Noakhaliweb publishes latest news from Noakhali .Noakhali is one of biggest city in Bangladesh . is  the most popular  overseas online news in Bangladesh as well as in published their news from UK.

20: Daily Sun:Daily Sun is very popular English news paper in Bangladesh .Daily sun publish thier news online and press.
21: The new nation :The new nation is another English news paper in Bangladesh .
22: Ehazarikapratidin:Eharikapratidin is one of the new news paper in Bangladesh .Eharikapratidin Publishes from Bangladesh .

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