Thursday, 18 October 2012

How to access banned website in bangladesh

You Tube is one of the best video sharing website in the world .But recent times this website has block in few Muslim countries due post anti-Muslim Film video clips.As result ,any blogger and Internet user can not access  many site such as you tube.Some people also face redirection issues .Please follow our guideline how  can access safely in You tube and other block site.
Here is few proxy website to access block website .You can access straight way by using this proxy  website tools.Simply visit this proxy website and put your block website  such as YouTube url:
then press enter .
you tube
You Tube
    Many people are using proxy website to log into and access their website .A proxy website look like this .You send them your login information ,and they log into the site for you ,and return the date back you Your all sensitive data is being screened and store for future usage.This proses is very risky because you could be victim any online fraud such as get hacked.
      How to sort out?
      Solution is very easy.Ultra surf.You can access block website by using this tool.Ultra surf is a proxy -based tool but lucky it doed not store and send your information to third parties. It makes use of dynamic Ip  and hide your real ip from website .How to use this ultra-surf?.Very simple by visiting their website and download .A zip file will be downloaded to your website .Extract it  and see a file names ,u1203.exe, .You need simply run it by opening the .exe file.
      It will make all the blocked websites, including YouTube, run normally, but  a little bit slow.
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