Friday, 19 October 2012

How to make phone's battery last longer

A Smart phone  has made with more facility such as playing gaming ,watching movies and  video sharing  battery performance has worsened wand now most modern smartphones won't last a full a day before you need  to reach for a charge .All smart phones   manufacturers are working hard  to improve battery performance  but you can make your phone's battery longer last  by following few steps.
1:Power-saving mode .
Few smart phones include power  or battery saving mode typically located in the setting menu.It is activated one the battery reaches a certain level , implement battery in
  It is activated once the battery reaches a certain level, forcing battery exclusive features  such as push- including put up to email, covering  glaze and Facebook updates - to switch offs

Do not dowenload picture .When you download pictures it uses both data and power .So do not dowen load photo.

Night time :Night is off pick hours .Most of smart phone user charge their phone at night .But  you are happy to do simply turn off your phone at night and that will  be save your phone power.
 Reduce social networking update .
Receiving  facebook,twitter ,yahoo news,and  others notification automatically on smart phone use your battery .Simply turn off  this service and save your power.
Stop using phone vibrate .Instead using silent mode .
Turn connection off  when you off line such as IFI ,GPS,BLUETOOTH  function because when are in off-line but this type of device looking for wifi connection and that will be lost your power .
Stop you plying  games in longer time because that will be killed your power .
Please note all tips are applicable to all types of phone that will be depends on your phone model.But hopefully you will able to save you phone power by using this tips.

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