Tuesday, 30 October 2012

make money from youtube

You waste your time on YouTube,Facebook, twitter and other social media .But you do not know how to turn your time into valuable on Youtube,facebook and twitter.Today we learn how to make money on youtube.Youtube does allow to share their revenue with third party but this is one of the   best Technic to engage people on  youtube.Now you have take this great advantages from youtube allow .To make your youtube channel a money making machine you have to meet few requirements.

  • First of all you have to create an account on youtube.
  • Now create your channel with any perfect name as you like .For example yeasinarafat.This youtube channel i have created .
  • Well done one step you have done now turn your youtube channel into money making machine.
  • Now upload your Owen video on your channel and you can customise your video such as edit  ,give your video title ,tag,description,category,privacy setting,lince and right ownership.
  • You can choose advance setting such as disable comments,user can vote on comments etc.
  • Now make application for Google adsense .
  • When googel  accept your adsense application then you have to put google ad on your youtube vedio already you uploaded.
  • Now when any body watch your youtube video and receive any valid click then google will paid you 
  • By this way you can make money on you youtube video .
  • Try and unlock potential .If you need any help please place comments .

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