Sunday, 14 October 2012

Study in UK

United kingdom has  very   strong image  such as long colonial ,very good  democracy practise ,culture and economise power.UK has a very highly advanced and industrialised nation with multicultural society ,secularism,education advantages etc.Since few years UK has become very popular destination for overseas student around the world .English is  official language in UK .Due to their very strong image in few sectore such as strong culture ,literature,world top heritages ,very high stander education facility ,very strong communication facility ,multicultural and multiethnic society great infrastructures and affordable education facility for international student .Uk has proudly owner of few top rank  university in the world such as combridge university ,oxford university , Imperail college ,London school of economises and many more.But recent few years UK government immigration crackdown is being effect international student .As result international student is  loosing interest to study in UK .But before making any decision to study in UK please visit their website .

  Here in  uk Border agencey  study guideline links                                                           

Recentt year they update their rule for international student frequently .As result it is very  difficult to say about their rule and regulation of student visa .Any  way we will give their basic rule for international student .

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