Friday, 2 November 2012

How to add meta tag on blogger

If you created any blog your first step to promote your site .More then  billion website live on Internet .As a result it is very difficult to get success online blogging .The world giant search engine Google pick up only quality site and they show only ten website on their search result on one page that is  why it is very difficult to beat other website .So you have to give  emphasis few things such unique content ,organic link building ,very  good meta tag ,title ,your blog description etc .Ok today we will learn about how to add Meta tag on your blog .This first step to improve  your site rank on Google.If you are new blogger just go setting and  choose search preferences   and Basic.Now click on Title and choose edit option.Now simply put your Title and select save .Now  add your meta  description just select search preferences and choose Meta tags
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If you understand little bit about HTML then this is the best option for you to add Important meta tag on your blog.Please do not use this option if you have no any basic knowledge about HTML because if you make any mistake that could be negative effect on your blog search preference or search result .If you want to improve your knowledge about HTML please learn from our HTML tutorial.Firstly go Template and select Edit HTML.

Template  ›  Edit HTML

  • Expand your HTML and  find out head tag on your HTML .
  • You can search by typing Ctrl +F then type head 
  • Please do not forget to add <  > this begin and end of head tag
  • Now add your meta tag such as title ,keyword,and description.
  • If you can not  add any meta tag please use any online meta tag generator  then just copy and paste on your blogger head session.I gather few online meta tag generator website for you just go their site .
  • Please use very smart title ,description and keyword because google still use meta tag for search result .So think about your site content and choose keyword an title.
  • You can use this site to generate meta tag such as title,keyword and description.Just go their site and put your title , keyword  and
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