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Thursday, 21 August 2014

ATN news Shows and programs

ATN news Shows and programs names 

  • Amader Kotha: (আমাদের কথা): This show focus the view ,opinion and reaction of general  people on specific topic of a day .Broadcasting time : Airs at 14:40 Sunday to Thursday every week.

  • Anandaloke :(আনন্দলোকে):Anandaloke is a weekly program and cover the cultural  ,traditional activities take place across the Bangladesh .The 20-minute show is telecast at 19:30 every Friday.
  • Around the World:  This is a news  bulletin program and highlight  the international affairs .   It covers political, social, cultural and interesting events happening around the world. The 15-minute long bulletin is broadcast at 16:20 every day.
  • Biz Talk: This show  discussion mainly centers on share  market situation,latest share market news , banking sector, currency, trade and commerce,. Biz Talk airs for around 40 minutes beginning at 13:15 on Sunday and Monday every week.
  • Box Office:Box Office is a weekly entertainment show . This is  20-minute long show also gives information about world music and other sources of entertainment. Box Office airs at 19:30 Monday and repeats at 07:30 Tuesday.
  • Connecting BD: Connecting bd is a  very popular program .This program through live video conference making connection with people on various issues . Connecting BD is broadcast at 17:15 on Fridays and lasts for around 35 minutes.
  • Corporate: A fortnightly program focusing the corporate world and the professionals who achieved substantial success in different job areas . The show airs at 20:30 on alternate Saturdays. Corporate spans nearly 20 minutes.
  • Ei Banglai (এই বাংলায়): Travelling across the Bangladesh , the 20-minute video journal projects the living of a particular area or the activities of any institution.  This Program is anchored by Munni Saha.
  • Ekdin Protidin (একদিন প্রতিদিন): An interview show covering the daylong life of a personality. The broadcast airs at 20:30 every Thursday. 
  • Follow Up: A follow-up program on a much-talked incident. The program airs every Monday at 20:30 and continues for around 20 minutes.
  • News Hour Xtra: News Hour xtra  is  a talk show on the most talked issue of the day. The show is broadcast at 21:30 every day and continues for around 60 minutes.
  • News Uncut: 
  • Shopping Bag: This program providing necessary information on various products and  services . Broadcast  Shopping Bag at 14:30 on Fridays and Saturdays. 
  • Sports Insight: This a sports bulletining program  at 23:30. And repeat at 11:30am the next day. 
  • Top of the Week:  Top of the week  highlights the top news and heading bulletins throughout the week.Watch top of the Week a at 19:30 on Sundays.

  • Young Nite: This program reflecting the views, opinion and life-style of young generation. 

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