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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Feni district

                                        Feni Zilla Information  
Area -928.34 sq km, 
Located- in between 22°44´ and 23°17´ north latitudes and in between 91°15´ and 91°35´ east longitudes.
 Bounded  - by comilla district and tripura state of India on the north, 
Noakhali and Chittagong districts on the south, Tripura state of India on the east, 
Noakhali district on the west.
                                  Feni  District Total Population 

  •  Total -698447 
  • Male -353201
  • Female -345246
  • Muslim -549702
  •  Hindu -148339
  •  Buddhist- 186
  • Christian -21 and others 199.

                                History of Feni  Administration
 On 1976 Feni was established as a Sub Division and it was up graded to a district in 1984. 
Chittagong Division combined with 11 districts and Feni district occupies the last position .
                                            Name of Feni Upzilla 

  •  Feni district consists with  6 Upzilas .
  • Sonagazi is the Largest with 235.07 sq km ,Area.
  • Parshuram is the Smallest with 97.58 sq km Area 

                                        At Glance Feni district 
Feni Upzilla consists with 6 Upzilla ,45 Union ,570 village ,540 Mouza,Literary rate 54.27% and 5 municipality .
 Upzilla Names-   Area        Union             Mouza        Village      Population   Literacy Rate 

Feni Sadar      197.33            12                 134              125             404498             53.01%
Sonagazi            235.07          9                   94               95                235229            47.99%
Fhulgazi             99.03          -                   76               90                110291            55.47 %
Chagalnaiya      133.49        6                   54               66                 170524          63.03%
Daganbhyan       165.84        8                    101            115                225464          55.48%
Parshuram          97.58           4                   81              79                 94378              54.66%

            Feni district On Google Map 

Created By yeasin arafat 

                 History of the War of Liberation Feni Zilla
Pakistan army entered early April in 1971 by crossing the Shuvapur Bridge and the freedom fighters were killed Pakistani army  but the Pakistani  army took control over the  Feni District in 23 April .Pakistani army lost massive soldiers almost 300 and Pakistani  army killed 2 freedom fighters . 
 Major battlefield in Feni district during War of liberation  

  • Kalapur Bridge of Chhagalnaiya upazila.
  • Durgapur and Singha Nagar of Gopal union of this upazila.
  • Bandhua Bridge of Fulgazi upazila.
  • Shuvapur.
  • Madhugram
  • Nawabpur of Sonagazi upazila
  • Atbaria Bridge of Sonagazi upazila.

Writen by -Yeasin arafat 
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