Friday, 7 November 2014

বাংলাদেশ জাতীয় ই-তথ্যকোষ

Access to Information Program initiative of the Prime Minister's Office has created a national e-gazetteer. Comprehensive information for all public and private institutions in an effort to have taken this initiative. This tathyakose agriculture, health, education, law and human rights, disaster management, agricultural enterprises, tourism, employment, civil service, and information science and technology has been inserted in the Bengali language. Information in audio, video, animation, documentary or written form has been served. Tathyakose any information that has been attached to a Bengali search engine is very easy to find.
National e-gazetteer two versions can be found online and offline. Union Information and service center will be the offline version, which is every 3 (three) months will be updated and enriched. And, for all of the online version will always be open.
Be two ways to find the desired information can be found at the National e-gazetteer:
* Main Words desired information (key-Worlds) hunt down
* Please click here to look up specific topics based on
For example, the pages of the national e-gazetteer 'rice farming' to be written in the next section of the mouse cells with the press of all information, such as rice farming, descriptive data, audio, video, animation, etc., will come out with a description list. From there, the user will find the desired information and be able to use as needed.
Many different government and non-government organizations and government departments or directorates spontaneously created and published their research helped with data gazetteer prosperity.

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