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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Name of Feni school and college

  • List of Feni famous School ,college and university  and details  
  • Govt. Comercial collage, Mohipal, feni.
  • joynal hazari college
  • Rampur nasir memorial college
  • North Alipur School & College
  • Feni University ( Private)
  • Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Sadar Hospital Road, Feni, Bangladesh
  • Feni Government Colleges
  • Charshaha Bhikari High School
  • Feni Alia Madrasha
  • Darul Ulom Al Hosainia Ulamabazar Madrasha
  • Nurul Uloom Badadia
  • Madrasatu Osman,Bhour Bazar, Sonagaji,Feni
  • Tanjimul Ummah cadet Madrasha
  • Nazir pur islamia Dakhil Madrasha
  • Sofor pur islamia Dakhil Madrasha
  • Al-Helal Academy Sonagazi
  • Sonagaji Islamia Fazil Madrasha
  • Kodomtola madrasha
  • Forhad Nagar Madrasha
  • Feni Govt. Pilot High School
  • Feni Girls Cadet College
  • Feni Government Girls High school
  • Feni Government Alia Madrasha
  • Feni Poly-technical Institute
  • Feni Computer Institute (Govt Institute)
  • Govt Zia Girls College
  • Joynal Hazari College
  • Shaheen Academy Feni
  • Al Jameatul Falahia kamil Madrasha
  • Feni Central High School
  • Feni G.A. Academy
  • Feni Balika Bidya Niketon High School
  • Feni Shishu Niketon
  • Feni Shanti Niketon
  • Goshal Hat Primary School
  • Nurul Haque High School
  • G. M . Hat High School
  • Lemua High School, Lemua bazar
  • Zoylaskara High School
  • Iqbal Memorial College
  • Feni Model High School
  • Dhoon Shahadda High School
  • Aftabibir Hat Kamil Madrasha
  • Adarsha High School, K.M. Hat
  • Purba ChandraPur High School
  • Hasanpur Shah Alam Chowdhury High School & College
  • Habibullah Khan Girls High School
  • Khaiara High School, Feni
  • Khandal High School,Porsuram
  • Charipur Adarsho High School
  • Osmania High School
  • Bishnupur High School
  • Sundorpur High School
  • Chanua High School
  • Shmsuddin Bhuiyan High School
  • Sharishadi High School
  • Shuvapur Islamia Senior Alim Madrasha
  • Amirabad B.C. Laha High School and College
  • Muhurigonj High School
  • Langolmora Primary School
  • Dhoon Shahadda Bright Kinder Garden
  • Dhoon Shahadda Praimary School
  • Atarturk Model High School
  • Darmopur Educational Estate
  • Dhoon Shahadda Fulkuri Kinder Garden
  • Dandy School and College Feni
  • Chhagalnaiya Pilot High School
  • Izzatpur High School
  • Bijoy Shing High School
  • Panchgacia Girls School, Feni
  • Mongal Kandi High School
  • Bakter Munshi Moazzem Hossain High School
  • Fazil pur W.B.Quedry High School.fazilpur
  • Shib pur Bhuiyan Hat A A High School, fazilpur
  • sonagazi Mohammed saber model pilot high school
  • motigonj R M Hat High school
  • Nasir Memorial College, Rampur Feni
  • Sindur pur khaja ahmed high school
  • Rajapur high school & college,Rajapur-Dagon Bhuiyan
  • Fazil pur F F Jinnah High School,Fazil pur
  • Fazil Pur Walia Islamia Kamel Madrasha,Fazil pur
  • Feni technical school & college
  • Ilu Kinder garten
  • Feni Zilla School
  • Laskar Hat S.C.Laha High School
  • momariz pur high school
  • Bathania Duluma Azim High School
  • Fatehpur high school
  • Yeakubpur Ishaquia Atim Khana Senior Madrasha
  • Shibpur R.B.Hat High School.
  • Silonia High School
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