Monday, 7 September 2015

Bangla forum list

The number of Internet subscriptions in Bangladesh grew from 186,000 in 2000 to 617,300 in 2009.However, only 0.4% of the population used the Internet in 2009 giving Bangladesh one of the lowest usage percentages in the world, ahead of only North Korea, Myanmar, and Sierra Leone. This limited Internet penetration is due to many factors, including: high costs, little local content, limited or poor service quality, lack of infrastructure with the last mile often limited to dial-up, too many providers competing in a relatively small market, and low literacy rates.By 2011 however, the number of Internet users in Bangladesh had seen phenomenal growth of over 900% bringing the total number of users to 5,501,609 (3.5% of the total population) mainly due to wide availability of mobile Internet access.As a result huge Bengali blog and online news portal has been founded .Some blog offer forum and discussion about different  topic such as politics ,education ,social issue etc .Any internet user can create an account and write their opinion .We gather some top Bangladeshi blog and forum .

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