Bangladesh Television list

Advantages of satellite in the world .Few first world country has pick up this advantages .As a result they developed their satellite television .Last few years Bangladesh have been taken this advantages and huge number of satellite television has been established .ATN bangla is a earlier key player in satellite television in Bangladesh .ATN bangle  started their journey 15 July in 1997.Mahfuzur rahman  is a key player on ATN Bangla Television .Mahfuzur rahaman is founder of ATN bangla.Day by day ATN bangla is spread out around the world and they telecast 24 hours service .Now ATN bangla is one of the most popular satellite Television in Bangladesh .Watch live ATN bangla .ATN bangla live .
Channel I another giant satellite television in Bangladesh .Channel i telecast their  services in 24 hours.Watch live Channel i news.
NTV  is one of leading satellite television in Bangladesh .NTV established in 2003.NTV is become very popular  satellite television in Bangladesh within  very short time .NTV's regular programs include entertainment events such as drama ,music,dance,talk show ,news,sports news,health program,religious program,educational etc.Watch live NTV.NTV Live online.
Ekushey Television  started their jounrny 1998.Ekushey television broadcast their program in 24  hours .Live Ekushey television and news.Ekushey television live news.
Boishakhi Television is very popular television in Bangladesh .Watch live Boishakhi television .Boishakhi television news and live.
Last few years few number of satellite television has been established in Bangladesh and Diganta Television  is one of them .They brought  few new features in satellite television in Bangladesh .Live Diganta television .Diganta television news online and live.
Bangla Vision is a part of shampoo Bangla Media .Bangla vision headquarter located in Dhaka ,Bangladesh .  Bangla vision broadcast 24 hours  program.  Watch live Bangla vision and news.Bangla vision news and drama.
Desh television is one of latest satellite television in Bangladesh .Live Desh television .Desh television news and live online.
Momohonatv .Momohona television is one of the fasted growing satellite  television in Bangladesh .Live Mohonona television .
Few number of television  broadcast  24 hours news in Bangladesh .Somoytelevision might be one of them .Somoy news is a leading news in Bangladesh .Live shomoy news .
Independent Television is leading 24 hours news channel in Bangladesh .Independent television telecast up to date,braking news ,local and international news in 24 hours .Independent Television news .
ATN news is part of ATN bangla .ATN bangla lead few years  in satellite television in Bangladesh .ATN new another great news channel in Bangladesh  as well as big part of ATN family .ATN news broadcast news 24 hours from Bangladesh .Live ATN news.
Few number satellite televisions are being popular day by day .Gazi television  is one of them .Gazi television is broadcast 24 hours programme.Live Gazi television news.
channel24  is another private television in Bangladesh .Channel 24 is telecast 24 hour news from Bangladesh .Channel 24 is one of the fasted growing media channel  in Bangladesh .Live channel 24  news.
Ekattor television .Watch live Ekattor television.
RTV is a leading private television in Bangladesh .RTV consider as a top private television in Bangladesh.RTV started boardcasting on 26  December 2005. Live RTV television and news.
Islamic television is one of the best and top television telecasting islamic information in Bangladesh.Said Iskander is a founder of Islamic television bangladesh.Live Bangladeshi Islamic television.

Maasranga Television is one best Entertainment Channel in live Maasranga Television 

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