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 Bangla is a official language in Bangladesh .  Today Bangladesh but previous East Bengal  ,the linguistic consciousness between East Bengal and Pakistan  had led to  the Bengali Language Movement and turn in to clash ,during which on 21 February 1952 ,several protester were killed by Pakistan  Military action against on   demonstrator to gain  bangla as official language of then Dominion of Pakistan and to manage its writing in Bengali script .21 February has been recognised as international  mother language day by UNESCO on 1999.
  Shaheed Minar is a national monument in Dhaka ,Bangladesh .Shaheed Minar built to commermorate those killed during the Bengali Language Movement demonstration of 1952. Every year 21 of February Bangladeshi people remember those people killed by pakistani military during language movement or demonstration on 1952 by giving flower on shaheed Minar .

Bangladesh :
Education Rate.
Youth (15-24 years )literacy rate  74%  male ,2005-2010*.
Youth (15-24 years )Literacy rate 77% female ,2005-2010*
Bangladesh mobile phone user rate ;
46 people use mobile phones  out of 100 people ,2010 
Internet user in Bangladesh:
4 people use Internet out of 100  people  in Bangladesh.
Pre-primary school participation rate in Bangladesh.
pre -primary school participation ,Gross enrolment ratio is 10%,2007-2010* ,Female.
Male pre -primary school participation Gross enrolment ratio is 10%, 2007 -2010.
Primary school  participation rate in Bangladesh.
Primary school ,Gross enrolment ratio is 93% .2007-2010* Female .
Male Net  participation ratio 97%  2007-2010.*
Primary school ,survival rate to last primary grade 67% ,2006-2009*
Secondary school participation ,Net enrolment ratio 40% ,2007 -2010* Male .
Secondary school participation ,Net enrolment ratio 43% ,2007-2010,Female .
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Bangla bangladesh .

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