Friday, 5 October 2012

Bangladesh railway minister corruption scandal vedio

Bangladesh rail minister  scandal video published by Bangladesh Satellite tv RTB
Bangladesh railway  minister  Suranjit Sengup   scandal video 
Suranjit Sengup  diver's  ajom interview on Rtv 
Brought to you by Bangladesh Satellite tv RTV
Driver ajom khan  has given interview with RTV 

Brought to you by rtv .
Rtv another exclusive video about Suronjit sen gupto .Bangladesh former railway minister suronjit sen gupto's driver ajom khan   full  interview  about corruption has published on rtv exclusive .Listed below his second video here.
 Bangladesh  Honourable shipping minister  shajahan Khan interview ,video on rtv.
                                                          Source You Tube and prothom alo news.
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