Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bangladesh Share Market

About share market,
Publice  and private  companies raise capital by making a fixed number of shares in company  available for sale on the share market and issue share certificates in return for their purchase .Each share offered will be of equal value and attract certain privileges ,also voting rights and a share of company net profit  {paid in twice yearly divided instalments ,the proportion of which will  be connect to the amount of shares you hold in company }

It is very important to remember that with the potential for increased profit from share market dealing there is an associated risk of loss.
Few link below we provide you  to get latest update from both stock exchange in bangladesh .
1:To get latest update from Dhaka stock  exchange please just click this link :DHAKA STOCK EXCHANGE  TODAY  UPDATE .
2:To know  about DSE   Today market rate Please just click here  :Latest share price DHAKA STOCK EXCHNAGE .
3:CSE latest update Just click here.
4:Chittagong stock exchange :Today share price 
5:Dhaka stock exchange  company list 
6:Chittagong stock exchange company list and information 
Learn about share market:

Now share market is putting outstanding contribution to reduce unemployment rate around the world.But nothing is coming without risk and misuse in the world. As a  result  huge investors have had victim in share market around the world .World few financial expert suggest before investing money in share market you have learn about what is share ,what is share market ,about ipo,how stock market work and how to buy share from any stock market .
Firstly we  learn few basic thing  about share market
1:Share:We are using share as a finical word.So share refer part of ownership of a finical company .Why decide a company want to share their ownership with other person ?Some  company want to extend and grow up their capital as well as profit .As a result they decide to sell their small part of company ownership by join at stock exchange .
2:Stock exchange:  A stock exchange is a central place to buy any listed company ownership and sell company ownership .A stock exchange or share market   is approved by  a government to bringing buyer and sellers at one central market place .
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