Tuesday, 30 October 2012

bangladesh site

Revolution of Internet around the world people life has been depended on Internet .As a result  more then million website has hosted and published different content on Internet .People can know what is happing around the world  and find the  best answer by visiting website .Webmaster and website publisher trying to gather best information and deliver to their valuable reader around the world .But Bangladesh is not leg behind on this matter and not isolated from  the world .As a result Bangladeshi young talented blogger and company  published valuable content for their people as well as any Internet user .We try to bring Bangladesh site and represent to you with brief details in blow.
Huge number of website has been established in Bangladesh and published very important content and that might be  very important for you and could be helpful for you .

  • News.priyo.com .Priyo.com is one of the popular site in Bangladesh .This priyo.com website contain Bangladesh ,PriMela,Politics ,Business,Sports ,Technology ,Entrainment ,Muis ,Flim,Tv,Life and Video.Bangladesh Alexa rank -6
  • Techtunes.com.bd.Techtunes.com another great site in Bangladesh .Techtunes.com  website contains computer ,mobile ,technology etc.For more details please visit Techtunes.com.Their Alexa rank in Bangladesh 11.
  • Somewhereinblog.nt is one of the best blog in Bangladesh .Somewhereinblog.nt contains Bangladesh ,Dhaka,Bangla blog,,group blog,Bengali news et.Please visit their website for more details.Their Alexa rank in Bangladesh 12.
  • Amarblog.com.Amarblog is one of leading blog in Bangladesh .This amarblog.com website contains social media ,social platform,etc.For mor details please visit their site .In Bangladesh this website Alexa Rank 279.
  • Bdjobs.com.Bdjobs.com is one of best Job search in Bangladesh.Any job seeker can search job and make application for this job vacancy through their website .Bdjobs.com is the first job search engine in Bangladesh .In Bangladesh bdjobs.com Alexa rank 17.For more details please visit their website.

  1. prothom-alojobs.com is another leading Job search engine in Bangladesh .Please visit their site for more details.

  • kalerkantho.com .In Bangladesh Kalerkantho.com Alexa Rank 100.For more details please visit their site.
  • www.google.com.bd is one of the leading search engine in Bangladesh .Internet user use this website to find out web information in Bangladesh .In Bangladesh Google.com.bd Alexa rank 6.For more details please visit their website .
  • bn.wikipedia.org is another best information based website in the world as well as Bangladesh .To find anything please visit their site .
  • www.prothom-aloblog.com is another leading blog in Bangladesh .This prothom-aloblog.com contains technology ,sports,movies,travel,jobs and more.For more details please visit their website .In Bangladesh their Alexa Rank 269.
  • We will update time to time their Alexa rank and site details but this information based now on their current situation .We use their meta tag keyword and meta content to provide accurt information .If you want to update any website information and add any news website please contract with us  As well as want to remove your site .
  • bikroy.com.Bangladesh is  one of the most potential country in the world.Now they are moving advance in few Sectors such as technology ,Internet etc.As a result Internet has brought new Revolution  in Bangladesh .People are moving on Internet .Bikroy.com has brought another new concept on Internet .You can sell  and buy any old products with cheap price on bikroy.com.You can post any products with free of charge .Now bikroy.com Alexa global rank is 22890 and their Bangladesh Alexa rank is 58.
  • nagoriknews.org.This website contains all Bangladeshi latest news video.Nagoriknews is one best and top latest news video news website in Bangladesh.
  • Bdrob.com .Bdrob.com is provide Bangladesh  online news paper website link .This website established in 2008.Bdrob.com Alexa rank in Saudi Arab almost 7000.

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