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Computer tips in bangla

How to improve Computer 'speed in Bangladesh

Why computer and internet is slow  in Bangladesh .Blow is listed few number of reason.Hopefully  that will help you to sort out ..

Tips for Speeding up your lapto and Desktop compuer with Bangladesh internet speed 
Many things  are as frustrating as dealing with a slow  computer.A new computer  speed is very well but over the time ,though ,its performance can  slowly and become very worst .This happens for few number of resons  but few the biggest culprits are things like virious  spyware ,adware ,torjon and others computer threats that are unwittingly download along with other conten while online.
Few tips how to make your computer faster.
1:Remove all viruses from your computer such as spyware ,adware ,Torjon and use any anti viruses software  to protect your computer from any viruses threat .
Spyware and other viruse collects personal information without letting you know and without asking you.This type viruses  could be damegs and slow your computer performance.
2:Remove unneeded Files

 4:Remove unneeded Programs

Too many programs reduce your computer performance that is why  unneeded programs remove from your computer .By using into the habit of unused and  unnecessary programs  from your computer by this processing you can improve your computer performance.You can remove unnecessary programs from your computer by using your computer control panel .If you don not know how to remove do not worry jut follow our post .

5:Empty the Recycle Bin in your computer 
When you delete a file or a program ,it does not remove from your computer immediately .Instead it sits in a kind of purgatory in you compuer 'recycle Bin.when your computer recycle bin become full your computer will be trun very annoying problems and star ups sluggish and frequent crashes .Do not worry just trun your recycle bin in to empty.

6:Check network connectivity
Some times  computer slowness is casused by networking issues.In Bangladesh  computer low performance is one of the bigest resonse is networking connectivity or Internet services  issue.While there is not enough space to write an exhausting trobleshooting list here,few of things you should try listed below.
1:Replacing the network cables ,switches ,routers,wifi access point .
2:Malware scanning on all pcs to see if malware is burdening network.
3:Calling the isp and checking the distance from the co{dsl} or the local segment's current load (for cable ).
4:Ask your network service provider to sort out their internet connection  problem such as about speed.
6:Some time change your  browser and choice is one of the best faster browser.
7:Another one way you can improve your computer performance Delete your Browsing history ,Cookies and temporary files from your Browser at least one or two weeks later.In bangladesh has number of reason behind computer low performace .
8;Speed up your Internet browsing.
You can improve your internet browsing by using an external DNS server such as Open Dns.We will Give advise to set up in our next post.
Few more reason internet connection is very slow in bangladesh .Sice connecting to the SEA-ME-WE 4 CABBLE in 2006 ,the country bandwidth prices drop singificantly.
Follow our next post about this tropices,Hopefully enjoy you and give feedback in our comments section.
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