Monday, 22 October 2012

education in bangladesh

Education is  a backbone of nation .No nation can not develop with out good education rate .All develop countries education rate is very high that is why they were able  to develop their economic as well as other sectore.But unfortunately in Bangladesh does not happen as result they are not develop country in the world but thay improving their education rate since few years.Bangladesh government is funded many  primary primary school ,high school,college and university.Since  few years Bangladesh government is  provide free education for  female in primary stage and as well as university.As result female education rate is improving recent years.The main educational system is divided by  three such General education,Madrasah  education,Technical education system.Each of this education system is divided by five  stage  .

1:Primary Level
2:Junior Level
3: Secondary level
4:Higher Secondary Level
5:University Level.
Last few years few number of English medium has been established and  they  teach in English language .
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Education rate in Bangladesh

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