Wednesday, 24 October 2012

google search tips

Most of  Internet user like Google search engine .As  result Google is number one search  engine in the world .Google user can take advantage by learning few Google search tips.Recently they update their search result .
1:Use keyword:
If you want  to find out any  specific   information please use keyword .For example if you are looking for  bangla news paper  just type Google search box Bangla news paper .Google will bring top  10  Bangla news paper contain website and show  their first page search result .
2:URL /Website address:
If you looking  for any website .Just  type your  website  URL Begin will bring your website .
3:Looking for any image .Go  to and type your image keyword.
4:Convert your currency.Just Go and simply type your currency .

5:Find out local time just type city and local time on Google search box.
6:Google advance Search page .For better search result please use Google  advance search page.
7:Identify local weather .Just type  sepecific city and weather.For example  Dhaka  weather .
8:Use OR in Google search.
To know more about Google search Engine result  please watch below Video.
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