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How to get free treatment in bangladesh

  Bangladesh is a one of least develop country in the world .This country has vast population .Bangladesh government  provide free treatment for their every citizen like other nation in the world .According to Bangladesh population demand this country still straggle to provide standard medical  facility .But with the limitation Bangladesh government trying to provide their best medical facility fro their citizen .How to get  free treatment in Bangladesh  we are discuses below.This country has few government hospital .If any body want to receive free treatment he/she has to go any local government hospital.Blewo listed Bangladesh map . Sleet your division and find out district .Find out your local government hospital  wherever you stay in Bangladesh to receive free treatment in Bangladesh

 To receive free treatment  from government hospital in Bangladesh  you have to complete few step .Just fellow our this procedure .Remember some  times  depends on your local hospital that may be vary  but as common procedure we will explain below .Few requirement you have fellow .For Bangladesh citizen follow this procedure to receive free treatment .

1:As far as we know you must have legal right to stay in Bangladesh .Let 's go any local government hospital and ask hospital reception .Reception staff ask you few numbers of question just like about your identity ,your name,your district name,your local address .Then you have to complete local government hospital application form .Due to huge demand of free treatment in Bangladesh you have to wait long time  to receive free treatment in Bangladesh's governments hospital .If hospital administration agree to give you primary  free treatment   then they will give  a seat  in hospital .Bangladesh government hospital provide you free medicine but remember limited free medicine access in Bangladesh government hospital.

As a forginer how to receive free treatment in bangladesh .

If you  visit in Bangladesh as a foreigner and you want to receive free treatment in Bangladesh .Please follow this procedure listed blow .
1:You have to go local Bangladesh government hospital in bangladesh.They will ask you about your identity and you have to show your passport .They will give  you  application form you have complete your forgine session .Then you will receive free treatment from Bangladesh government hospital as a foreigner  in Bangladesh .If you have no legal right to stay in Bangladesh do not worry you can take help from NGO .Few numbers of NGO  provide  free treatment  in Bangladesh.

Few top public or goverment hospital in bangladesh .
1:Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University .
2:Aysha Memorial Specialised Hospotila Mohakhali,Dhaka.
3:Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital ,Dhaka.
4:National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine.
5:Dhaka Shishu Hospital.

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