Tuesday, 30 October 2012

how to host a free blog on wordpress

wordpress is one of the big competitor of google blogger .But  wordpress slightly beat google blogger because wordpress is more easy and computable for any  webmaster .As a result people choose wordpress to host any website .Now you have to know  how to host a  free blog on wordpress platform.

1:Now go this wordpress site .

  • Now put your e-mail address .
  • User name .
  • Password
  • Choose blog address for example arafatyeasin.wordpress.com.This free blog that is why end with wordpress.com
  • Now check  Availability  your free blog .
  • Now go forward and  Select  create blog.
  • Finally wordpress send a e-mail verification link and you have to check and confirm that.
  • Congratulation  your free wordpress blog now on live and you turn life on Internet .Enjoy yourself .
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