Friday, 12 October 2012

How to slove pc problem

Few Computers Troubleshooting  tips 

Many  computer looks like never able to use forever .This may be networking problem ,crash  frequently ,network connect but no Internet ,virus effect  many more .Sometimes in a matter of minutes to sort out  this type of problems .Please follow few  steps  to sort out .
Network problem :
1:network is connect but no Internet  .This  is common problem about network connection .Do not worry just follow few step .Firstly make sure your network cable is connect .Click on computer automatic solution icon in your  cpnal .If is not solve automatically .Click on your computer Internet option  then new windows pop up  called Internet properties and click on connection  .Now follow few steps 
1:Never dial connection 

2:Dial whenever a network connection  is not present .
3:Always Dial my default connection .
Just click on never dial connection .Choose never dial connection option and avoid other two option .
Next  set up Local area network setting  (Lan)
Click on Lan setting .New windows pop up and select automatically detect setting .
Now connect your  network .Hopefully that will be solved your problem .If still not solve your problem reset  your ip address .To  reset your ip address follow few steps.
Solve with minute .Click on your start button and type  IPconfig/renew.Your computer IP address will be renew automatically .If your network  problem still contact  your network provider .


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