Saturday, 6 October 2012

List of top shopping malls in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of  the least Develop country in the world .Despite  consider all of that  Bangladesh  has develop in few Sector .This country  has few number of   shopping center  and few shopping malls  has received international recognise as top Shopping center in the world .Few  top shopping center  in bangladeshis capital Dhaka listed below .
  •  Bashundhara City ,Dkaka .    
  • Address :Panthapath ,Dhaka,Bangladesh
  • Established :06 August 2004
  • Owner :Bashundhara City Dev Ltd.
  • New  Market .
  • New Market Established in 1952 by CDB
  • Riffles Square ,Jigatala ,Dhaka
  • Baitul Mukarram Market ,Gulistan ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh
  • Navana Shopping Center ,Gulshan -1,Dhaka ,Bangladesh 
  • Navana Shopping Center is one of Largest shopping mahal in Bangladesh 
  • Rapa Plaza ,Mirpur road ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh
  • Baitul Mukarram Mrket ,Gulistan,Dhaka ,Bangladesh.
  • Nahar Plaza ,Hatirpool,Dhaka ,Bangladesh
  • Multiplan Center ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh 
  • Dhaka City Corporation Market ,Gulshan -1.Dhaka ,Bangladesh 
  • Police Plaza Concord ,Gulshan Avenue ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh.
  • Farmview Super Market ,Farmget ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh .
  • Rak Tower ,Uttara ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh .
  • Royal Plaza ,Uttara ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh 
  • Dcc Market ,Gulshan -2 ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh .
  • In chittagong famouse shopping mahal or Top shopping center in Bangladesh .
  • Afmi Plaza,Chittagong ,Bangladesh
  • Moti Plaza ,Chouck Bazar,Chittagong ,Bangladesh.

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