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Online shopping in bangladesh

   The last few years Internet has been part and particle of  human life .Day  by day new concept has been added  in Internet .Online  shopping is one of best and helpful concept in the world . This e-commerce industry has been  growth rapidly   across the world.
Few early top players  in this sector  in the world   listed blow .

shopping in Bangladesh Day by day  this concept develop by region in the world .Few years ago  1st world country has been develop online shopping concept  and few statistic  show  people are doing their shopping more then 50  percent online .Ebay and Amazon has been running successful business in the world .But time is now in Bangladesh .Last two or three years  few company has been lunched online shopping facility in Bangladesh .You can browse product in their website and  choose then you have to give order and you have to choose payment option .After making  your payment they will send your order product in you address .In Bangladesh  this concept is not popular still now but  day by day  online shopping in Bangladesh this industry has been growth rapidly .
 Few number of reasons behind to  get popularity online shopping in Bangladesh and the world
1:Best bargain as you can visit numerous shops /suppliers
2:No national or international Boundary 
3:Making payment very easy .
4:Saving time and easy 
5:No hassle .

Today, most brick-and-mortar stores have an online counterpart. With faster connections and better technology, the online shopping sector has been able to grow and gain popularity. 
Online shopping  payment option  in Bangladesh .
Online Shopper commonly use a credit card to make payments ,However some online shopping company offer to open account and pay by alternative payments option such as 
1:Cash on delivery 
2:Bank Cheque 
3:Debit card 
4:Direct debit in few company offer .
5:Electronic money of various type(see every company payment option )
6:Gift cards
7:Postal money order 
8:Wire transfer 
Please see every company site and see thier payment advise but  this is common payment option in bangladesh and international online shopping payment   accross the world . Sometimes in bangladesh and international online shopping  sites require both purchaser's billing address  and shipping address .
Disadvantages of online shopping :

Fraud and security concers.

.Given the lack of ability to physical merchandise before buying  ,buyers are at higher risk of fraud on the part of the merchant than in a physical store .Merchants also risk fraudulent purchase using stolen credit card,Debit card .
SSL Stand for Secure sockets Layer .SSL encryption has generally solved of credit card ,Debit card number being intercepted in transit between the consumer and the merchant .Sometimes hackers break  merchants website and  they  steal credit card number and their personal data.As a result consumers is victim of fraud and identity  theft .Huge incident has been taken place across the world such as identity theft and stolen consumer personal data such as credit card number .But in Bangladesh online shopping fraud is not happen till date from our best knowledge .

To avoid victim of online  fraud :
Please follow  few advise below listed .

1:Attempting to find reputable  online shopping site or find out independent consumer feedback 

2:Ensure that there is comprehensive contract  information on website as  well as their physical address before using the service.

3:If the company  has enrolled in industry oversight programs such as trust mark or trust seal .

4:Ensuring that the vendor address is protected with ssl ( Secure sockets Layer) when putting credit card number  and your personal data .

                                       Online shopping   website list in Bangladesh .
If you are runing successful business in Bangladesh .Your company is welcome to list here .We ready to work with you .
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