Monday, 15 October 2012

Remove the Stranger profiles from Facebook

Facebook is one biggest or top social networking site in the world.Recent years facebook has brought a lot change to beat their big  competitor  google plus .as  
a result the victim of facebook user .One of the biggest change is facbook Timeline,the ticker and the ability of friends  add you to group without permission ,download your upload photo with out your knowledge ,tag your photo etc.Now days the abuse of facebook is  one of the common complement around the 
World   and you out  of best knowledge some user has victim of crime around the world .But with few step you can skip this type of problem .Now we give advise how to deactivated and remove profile in your friend list .
Remove unknown or strange friend from your friend list.
 1:Login your facebook Account

  2:Click on your facebook profile 
    3:Now note down total number of friend you hold.
4:This option show total number of friend you have had  in your friend list including deleted and deactivated their profiles .  This had  the problem ,because it should only display the number number of active profile.    Begin ,Facebook' mettics mistake.But nothing to worry just go this link httP:// .please count how any friend listed there and here is problem.I am sure there total number of friend will be less then previous total  number of friend list.
Why that happened ?simply answer because you had 20 friend on you facebook friend list and any one add suppose mr --y add your facebook friend list .As a result you  total friends has become 21 but later on he or she decides lo leave facebook .Few days later his or her facebook account has become deactivate  and your facebook friend shold be drop or fall .Your total friend hold be 20 .But unfortunately does not happen  because facebook mettics flaws.
Now remove  your ghost friend from you facebook friend list .
Search with a letter on facebook search box and facebook will show the match with latter if you have any friend with this latter .Now you shild be recognised the de-activated profile from your the default  delineation instead of profile photo. Conceding that  those delineations are active then you will see a pop-up when hovering over them.Otherwise .they are just deactivated profiles that you can  choose to delete.Now click on remove or delete option and you will get message saying that this profile has been deactivated. By following this you will able to remove facebook ghost friend  from your your facebook friend list that might be helpe you to enjoy facebook. If you want just follow our guideline .Hope you enjoy .
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