Saturday, 20 October 2012

Victim of crime on facebook

 How to avoid victim of crime on Facebook?

Facebook  is one of the common word in the world.Since few years facebook has become one  of the biggest social media in the world. But this giant social Media website does not coming with any disadvantages .Now a days people can not  live without  technology   .Since all innovation of technology did not come with any disadvantages.Any facebook user can be victim of crime without his or her knowledge.Let  me explain that and hopefully you can a void this crime by following few step.
1: Any Facebook  user can be download any other facebook user photo/uploaded picture from his or her profile or photo album without his/her knowledge and I think this is the first step to victim you any unexpected crime.
How you will be victims any unexpected crime ?Very simple by download your  photo on his./her computer then he or she will be opened another fake facebook account with out your knowledge.Now he or she will be start crime by using this fake id .Note now a days if some one committed  any crime the security forces or police followed or observe your facebook id .What you have done on your facebook last few week and look at your recent activity.
How you will be avoid ?

Now take few action to a avoid this sistution.Firstly disable to download your photo  and keep protect your all album photo  from downloading without your knowledge.Always search on your name on facebook database and make sure no fake id has been taken place on your name as well as  your  personal data on facebook.
If you get any other facebook id on your name and personal data as well as your photo do not delay to report facebook authority and block this  fake id.
2:Never tag any high profile personal photo on your facebook account .
3:Never make any unnecessary comments on other facebook photo .  
By  taking few action hopefully you will able to enjoy the greatest  social media in the world                                                               
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