Thursday, 1 November 2012

how to Choosing a smart password

Identity theft has become one of  the biggest concern online  around the world .But you can protect yourself  by  choosing very strong password  such as your Internet banking ,your credit  card  online account .Please follow our instruction to choose a very strong password.

  • Choose a unique password .Use a unique password for your unique account .If you use one password for your multiple account  then hijackers could be very easy to hack your all important account .As result you will be victim Identity theft .So do not use one password for your all account .Best way to protect yourself by  using unique password for your unique account.
  • Use a password with mix of letters ,number,symbols ,lower  and uppercase .
  • By using mix of letters quit difficult to guesses your account password and use a long password with symbols.

  • Create a password that hard to guesses .Never use your personal   name as a password .Never use password consequences number such as 1234799,,or Bangladesh etc.Use password such as yW7@_/A0~\&T etc .Please do not use this password because this one already published .
  • Make sure you added password recoveries option .
  • Please keep your user number and password such as your banking Internet id or password in safe place and make  sure not visible to other person.
  • Incas if you victim any identity theft please do not delay to contract with your  services provider.

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