Friday, 2 November 2012

Learn about Google adsense

Google adsense is the best option  to generate money by using your website or blog .World top websites or blog webmaster  choose Google Adsene for their site .Since 2003 Google adsense has become most popular online advertising agency in the world .

Google adsense is a part of world giant  search engine Google  in the world .Google adsense officially released  on June 18,2003.Google adsense share maximum revenue with their publisher .

Why Google  adsense is the best advertising agency in the world?
Google adsense use latest technology to show ads for online content .As a result google adsense show relevant ads on website or blog and website or blog owner make maximum profit .

What is disadvantages of Google adsense?
Google does not mobile or telephone support for their publisher .As a result you will not get any support from Google adsense team.Google closely monitor your account as a result if you generate any invalid click or make a click your self or advise  your friend or family member to make  click on your owen  ads google will not tolerate and your google adsense will be straight way disable .So never generate any invalid click on your Owen ads.
How to make application for Google adsense?
If your site is live you can make application for Google adsense .But remember you have  to meet  Google adsene requirements .Otherwise they will not accept your application and may be your site will be banned .
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