Friday, 5 April 2013

How to Customize your posts with permalinks

Since introduced blogger platform by Google.Blogger has been introduced a lot of new features on blogger . Introduction of (SEO) search engine optimization by search engine .SEO-has become of the best technique to increase your site search rank . Blogger has been introduced search preference permalink a suite of new SEO features that help to ensure your blog ,post , image are accurately indexed and increase your search rank by major search engine .
Created by :yeasin arafat 
How to add this search preference custom permalinks on blogger post ?
When you write a post ,Blogger automatically generates a permalink based on your post title but you can change this post permalink now .Before it was not possible .
If we want to add custom permalink on you blog post just follow our simple instruction .
  • When you choose your post tittle then go your post setting and choose permalink .
  • Now choose custom permalink .
  • Then put your post tittle link as you like and click done .
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